How Much Does a Brisket Cost?

In this guide, I will be answering the question “How much does a brisket cost?” and also showing you how to save money while shopping.

Brisket costs can differ greatly, and in general, it costs between $4 and $14 for each pound, even though Waygu can cost around $90 or more per pound.

How Much Does a Brisket Cost

Cost factors include your location, the grocery store you frequent, the quality, and so on.

However, sadly, you are actually right if you think brisket prices have gone up.

Understanding the Different Types of Brisket

A brisket is a cut of meat that is obtained from the lower breast of a cow.

You can find it just below the shoulder, and it contains the flat and the point.

It is a tough piece of meat, given that it has a lot of connective tissue and is well-exercised.

To make this meat tender and delicious, you will have to employ low heat and slow cooking.

A full brisket is referred to as a whole-packer brisket. It is the superficial and deep pectoral muscles of a cow and comes with a layer of fat known as the fat cap, which is the chest area of a cow.

It contains two overlapping muscles, the flat or the first cut, and then the other part is the second cut, the point, or the deckle.

If you are unaware, the flat is the thinner portion, whereas the point is the thicker, fattier part.

A brisket can be large; at times, it weighs around 10 to 14 pounds.

The flat is big and has a rather uniform shape, and on the other hand, the point is small and is not as uniform. But it has a high fat content.

A brisket is made chewier thanks to the large amount of connective tissue and collagen it has.

In addition, it is perfect for smoking due to the fact that the deckle is well-marbled.

Brisket is cheaper compared to steak or tenderloin, thanks to the fact that it is tough as it has to be cooked for a long time to soften it.

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Some of the popular brisket dishes include pastrami, Texas-style barbecue, and corned beef.

What Determines the Brisket Price?

There are several factors that come into play when it comes to determining the brisket price. Below are some of them:


Beef is likely to be cheaper in the Midwest, as this is where cattle ranches are all over the place.

You will pay less for brisket compared to what you would in New England or along the coast of California if you live in this region.


Brisket is subject to the USDA grading system, like all beef. Prime brisket will be well-marbled and of great quality overall.

Choice briskets might come with a bit less marbling; however, they are still premium-quality cuts.

Select brisket will come with a tougher texture and minimal amounts of intramuscular fat.

If you want to add Prime brisket to your shopping list, then you will have to plan to spend top dollar.

Given the fact that, generally, brisket is a fatty cut, I’m actually not against going for a Choice cut.


The flat carries a higher per-pound price compared to the whole packer, but this is when it is sold individually.

You are paying for the convenience of having someone else divide the cut for you since it is much easier to smoke the point and the flat separately.

However, you might want to ask if, if you are just interested in purchasing the point and not the flat, then what?

Well, when it comes to this, you will probably have to ask your butcher for a special order.

This is so because the point is not frequently sold separately, while brisket flats are easy to find.

Time of Year

Brisket prices are likely to spike during the summer months.

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And that is due to the fact that more recreational grilling lovers are coming out with their equipment in the warmer weather.

You will enjoy cooking outdoors throughout the year if you are like me, which in turn means you can take advantage of the lower prices during the fall and winter.

How to Find an Inexpensive Brisket

You might love the taste of brisket, but you feel like the prices are too high.

Well, luckily, there are a lot of things you can do to reduce your grocery bill without having to give up on your favorite cut.

Wait for Sales

This technique is simple as long as you don’t need the meat right away.

All that is required of you is to stick to simply buying brisket when it is on sale.

You will have to check your local stores’ online ads to see when their brisket is inexpensive, then purchase a bunch and freeze them until you need them.

Buy an Entire Side of Beef

This is a good option for you if you really love beef and really want to save money. Then opt for an entire side of beef.

Normally, this has to do with ordering from a website or specialty shop, and you will probably need a deep freezer to hold all the meat.

You will get a variety of cuts, including brisket, after paying a flat rate of somewhere from $3 to $5 a pound.

That being said, remember that the majority of your order will not be only brisket.

You will certainly get some extremely nice brisket at an extremely affordable price, but you will end up getting a bunch of ground beef, roasts, and steaks.

Join a Warehouse Club

It is highly recommended that you join if you have something like a BJ’s, Costco, or Sam’s Club in your area.

When you take into account all the savings, the amount you pay in membership fees could end up paying for itself.

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Buying brisket at a warehouse club is inexpensive; however, you can normally only buy it in bulk.

It is normal to find briskets that weigh around 12 to 20 pounds rather than the lighter ones that are around 6 to 8 pounds.

Check Out Your Local Butcher

Local butcher shops are not a guarantee. Some are likely to have brisket priced a few dollars higher than your chain stores.

However, others have surprisingly low prices. I suggest that you do a little research that will save you money by shopping at a butcher.

You can just call around or drop by the shop to talk to the butcher.

You might find out that some cuts are more costly while others are more inexpensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a 6-Pound Brisket Cost?

The cost can vary from $4 per pound to $14 per pound and even up to $90 for some Wagyu.

You can get a cut of this size for around $24 to $84, and as for Wagyu, it would be around a staggering $540.

Is the Brisket Expensive?

If you are picking a higher-quality cut, then brisket can be costly, especially at a time when there is great demand.

However, keep in mind that brisket from a butcher can also be more expensive compared to one from a big box store.

Final Thoughts on Cost of a Brisket

Eventually, brisket prices will vary so much as they are determined by things like the cut you choose and the store you buy it from.

You will find it cheap enough to enjoy delectable, inexpensive brisket all the time with a little research and some smart shopping strategies.

And this wraps it up, as you now have the detailed answer to the question, “How much does a brisket cost?”

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