History of BBQ in America

The age-old altercation is something that always ensues about what BBQ precisely is when trying to look into the history of BBQ in America.

This present-day BBQ will only be just the evolution of the way the native peoples of the Caribbean with the appearance of Barbecue as just a simple way of preserving meat. But, this will only be so if we give the credit to the native peoples of the Caribbean.

History of BBQ in America

And, gradually, this method has been changing into Barbecued Pork or Pulled Pork which is the great southern icon.

This is so because, on almost every Weber grill in the south, you find people’s Barbecue hamburgers on it.

Bringing a South Carolinian and a Texan together is just a perfect way of getting the biggest debate which will be about the pedants of the definition of Barbecue.

Normally, the shoulder roasts and Boston butts, Barbecue means Pork in Carolina and even in the entire South while in Texas, Barbecue means Beef and in-particular Brisket.

The History of BBQ

This is how it all started. The truth is that America was not the true origin of Barbecue and it will even be right to state that Barbecue was not invented by Humans.

And, when I say, it was not invented by Humans, I mean the Humans we have on Earth now so, don’t get all so confused.

A proto-human who lived on Earth and goes by H*mo Erect*s invented Barbecue and this was even before the Neanderthals.

So, the truth is that we (the Humans on Earth now) were the ones that stole this technology, and invention from them.

However, the credit for it being improved and refined as an art form goes to the southern states of the USA.

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Barbecue was all just a simple method of preserving meat until it got to the southern states of the USA where it became more than that.

Getting here, Barbecue has now become a culture, a way of life, a philosophy. And it then gradually became the ideal American fare due to the commitment to it, the passion strives to make it exquisite, and flawless, and also the competitiveness between towns, restaurants, families, and chefs.

Barbecue is now the best American fare, the unparalleled dish that brings America to the international table, to the world feast.

But, you should surely not make the mistake of comparing Barbecue with Pizza, just because Pizza was also made the best in New York as it was just an onion pie that was stolen by the Italians from the Greeks.

Barbecue and Pizza are not on the same comparison level as Pizza is all just a platter nut, Barbecue is certainly much more than that in all ways.

It is not only the oldest fare in the world but, also a fare that brings people, and cultures together, it is a way to show love and also communicate between families, friends, and neighbors. Barbecue is a religion, a culture, a pride, a statement.

Conclusion on History of BBQ

Barbecue is now worldwide same with its fame but, you should know that what it is referred to as in some parts of the world can be somewhat different.

Meat and smoke are the two main ingredients for Barbecue although some other things or ingredients can be added or removed, meat and smoke remains the main ingredients.

So, to wrap it up, Barbecue is the original American fare, a true taste of Southern Culture, and a part of America that is loved. This will be the wrap-up of this guide which is about the History of BBQ.

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