Green Mountain Grills Review

Green Mountain Grills began their journey of making grills just like many other pellet grill manufacturers. And, this guide will majorly center on the Green Mountain Grills review.

Pellet grills are awesome as they can burn words and, as a result, also bring out a smoky flavor.

Green Mountain Grills Review

Pellet grills can also be used to grill as well as be used to smoke. Although pellet grills lack high-tech precision temperature control and computer management systems, they would have appeared flawless if all of these were added to them.

But, this is not to say that a great number of pellet grills perform nice jobs, even if not excellent ones, as that would have been perfect.

And, this is where Green Mountain Grills steps in to correct this issue. At the outset, pellet grills could be regulated to a temperature range.

However, pellet grills may or may not carry it through as there are conditions it depends on. Fortunately, Green Mountain Grills later manufactured a grill that could deliver that, although this was after years of testing and development.

Green Mountain Grills accomplished what every other manufacturer has been attempting to achieve. Green Mountain Grills manufactures an affordable, foolproof pellet grill.

Products By Green Mountain Grills


The Green Mountain Grills are mostly electric wood pellet smokers, as this is an important piece of information for those who want a grill.

These smokers are also usually multi-purpose. Green Mountain Grills specializes in just wood pellet smokers, although for sure, there are a good number of types of grills like gas grills, charcoal grills, pellet grills, and electric grills.

In addition, the Green Mountain Grills’ Daniel Boone product line is a combination pellet grill and it can also be powered by electricity or charcoal.

They also make other types of grill products, such as their heavy large grills, which are ideal for cooking for a large group of people, and their small and compact grills.

Green Mountain Grills’ products cost ranges from around $300 to $5,000, which shows that their products are inexpensive, and affordable for everyone.


Green Mountain Grills also manufactures accessories like grill covers and oven mitts.

From local stores or Green Mountain Grills’ website, you can acquire anything related to grills.

This also means that the grills they manufacture are not the only thing that makes them popular, as they also produce a great number of accessories.


In case you need to replace some parts of your grill, Green Mountain Grills also manufactures all the different parts of grills.

They also produce parts to help upgrade your grill. The Green Mountain Grills have done and are doing an excellent job when it comes to grilling.

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Dry Rubs

Green Mountain Grills makes some impressive seasonings similar to traditional sauces that are made of a mixture of dry spices that will be sprinkled all over the meat before grilling it.

These impressive seasonings are made for all kinds of meat, and some of them are made to be suited for any kind of meat.


Green Mountain Grills does not only produce grills, grill parts, dry rubs, and accessories; they also produce sauces.

They have an interest in your smoker and also in what you cook on it. And, as expected, they have a good number of different types of grill sauces.

Sauces are best for whisking over the meat when it is on the grill. You can also souse the meat before placing it on the grill.


You should also know that Green Mountain Grills (GMG) are mostly wood pellet grills. And, I’m sure you know what wood pellets are.

They are made from sawdust and wood shavings, and they are just tiny chunks of wood. These are what you put into the grill using a pellet auger.

They also allow the smoky flavor to spread and penetrate the meat deeply and densely.

As said, the Green Mountain Grills have their own homemade wood pellets, which are produced from combinations of various hardwood sawdust to produce incredible first-class flavors.

What Products Are In The Green Mountain Grills Range?

Green Mountain Grills are used to smoke, slow cook, and grill as they are pellet grills.

The pellets are fed into the firebox when the hopper at the side of the grill that contains the pellets and a motor turns the auger.

Prime and Choice are the two Green Mountain Grill (GMG) lines. And power is the major difference between the two.

The Prime line, which is one of the two Green Mountain Grill lines, has 12V direct power, while the Choice line, the second of the two GMG lines, has direct 110V power.

Power is just the major difference between the two, so that is to say that there are other little differences between the two, such as the dual versus single meat probes, the grill view window, and the pellet window.

Now, for the Prime models, using vertical vents, cyclone flames are produced by the Venturi-style firebox.

Heat and pellet combustion is also amplified by the Venturi-style firebox, and there is a micro-adjustable variable speed fan for the auger system that helps maintain specific temperatures.

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The food-quality pellets are unadulterated hardwood and, with an additional 5 degrees, the temperature range of the digital controller is around 150 degrees Fahrenheit to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the Prime models, the dual meat temperature probes are regulated using WIFI, and they also have a USB charging port.

Sense-Mate thermal sensors are something every Green Mountain Grill possesses, and they are used to observe the surroundings’ temperature.

In such a manner, if or when the weather becomes cold, the Sense-Mate thermal sensor will place the grill in turbo mode.

The Davy Crockett, or the Trek, happens to be the smallest of the Green Mountain Grills. Its grilling space is 219 square inches, while its weight is 57 pounds.

The Davy Crockett has a 9-pound hopper capacity and was created to be a tailgating grill and a go-to camping grill. It can also be controlled with WIFI, and it possesses a 12V direct connect the power.

The Daniel Boone or Ledge or Ledge SS, which is an option for stainless steel, is the medium-sized Green Mountain Grill.

Only two models of the Daniel Boone or Ledge are offered, and one is WIFI enabled, while the other is not WIFI enabled.

The pellet hopper capacity of the Daniel Boone or Ledge SS is 18 pounds, while its grill space is 458 square inches.

However, there are three models of the Daniel Boone, so you can pick whichever you prefer.

Two of the three models can be controlled with WIFI, while one cannot be controlled with WIFI. There are also some other options like the 12V direct power and pellet windows.

The Jim Bowie, or Peak, or Peak SS, is the largest Green Mountain Grill. It has a grill space of 658 square inches and the pellet hopper capacity is 18 pounds.

There are three models of the Jim Bowie which you can choose from; two of the three models are WIFI controlled, while one is not WIFI controlled. Its other options include 12V direct power and pellet windows.

Green Mountain Grills manufactures the Big Pig Trailer Pig for commercial grillers and smokers as it is regarded as a “moveable feast”.

It has the capacity to hold up to a whole hog, 150 steaks, 25 briskets, 65 chickens, 200 hamburgers, or 25 pork butts.

On a 2,000-pound axle, the Big Pig Trailer Rig, which is a rig mounted on a trailer, weighs 1120 pounds.

Pellet Hopper

I have mentioned a pellet hopper some times above, and I’m sure you might be wondering what a pellet hopper is.

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Well, it is what stores the wood pellets that are used to power the grill. The pellet hopper capacity determines how long your grill will cook without refueling.

You should be sure that your pellet hopper can hold enough wood pellets to cook your food of choice, as this is quite important.

The attached auger is precisely fed with wood pellets by the pellet hopper as this is what it was specifically designed for.

Wood Pellets

Wood pellet smokers and grills are fueled or powered by wood pellets. They also create unique smoky flavors for your meat or food.

These smoky flavors are neither an acrid smoky taste nor a heavy smoky taste but are obtained from guaiacol.

When the lignin in the wood gets burnt, the flavor molecules you get are guaiacol, and this is also to say that Green Mountain Grills’ pellets are entirely natural and additives are completely absent.

Pellet Auger

The usefulness of the pellet auger has been briefly discussed above. It is a rotating device that can be found at the bottom end of the pellet hopper.

It is what feeds the firepot with wood pellets, which are then in turn ignited by an ignition rod. The fire is then fueled by the fan, as a result of which the smoke and heat are then dispersed throughout the grill.

Final Thoughts on Green Mountains Grill Review

And to talk about the buyer reviews of Green Mountain Grills As you know, there will be positive and also negative reviews.

For the positive feedbacks, they said that setting up Green Mountain Grills is not difficult and they also love their customer service.

They also commented on their flavor, as they said it was incredible. Some also comment that Green Mountain Grills have a strong build and an excellent smoky flavor.

And, for negative reviewers, some comment about temperature control issues, and one even regards Green Mountain Grills as a firebomb.

So, this will be the wrap-up of this guide on Green Mountain Grills Review as you now know that Green Mountain Grills is established for those who have a great interest in grilling.

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