How to Clean a Traeger Grill

Appearances are not the only reason why you need to keep your grill clean and, in this case, your Traeger grill. It is quite essential that you properly maintain your grill, so in this guide, you will learn how to clean a Traeger grill.

How to Clean a Traeger Grill

A clean grill is more germ-free and will also make sure that your grill will work the way you desire. So, let’s get more details on how to clean a Traeger grill.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Grills?

Based on the type of grill, the precise details on how to clean your grill might differ. However, the basics are always the same.

  1. First, you need to ensure that your grill is completely cool. Then you need to get an all-natural degreaser/cleaner and proceed to spritz the grill grate and also the inside of the chimney with it.
  2. With that being done, you are to get both sides of the grill grates out and then clean them. I strongly suggest that you avoid using wire brushes, but instead you can go for a cleaning cloth or probably a heavy-duty paper towel.
  3. Afterward, you are to get rid of the old foil or drip tray liners. You will also remove the drip tray and the heat baffle.
  4. When that is done, proceed to clear the pellets from the hopper. And also, vacuum the inside of your grill, the hopper, and the firepot meticulously.
  5. Also, ensure that you gather as much remaining sawdust as possible. Then, proceed to brush the inside of the chimney.
  6. Get the all-natural degreaser/cleaner and then spritz the inside and outside of the grill with it. And, for several minutes, you are to allow it to soak before you proceed to wipe clean using a paper towel or cleaning cloth.
  7. You may go for any non-chemical cleaner or a mixture of diluted dish soap, water, and vinegar, but I will recommend that you make use of Traeger All Natural Cleaner.
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Note: Unless there’s an obvious build-up on the Thermocouple or RTD that needs to be gotten rid of, you do not clean the Thermocouple or RTD.

In conclusion, you are to reinsert all parts of the grill, including the drip tray, heat baffle, drip tray liners/foil, grill grates, and new bucket liners. And, with all that being done, you are ready to go.

How to Clean a Traeger Grill

First and foremost, as said above, before you proceed to clean your Traeger grill, you need to make sure that it is completely cool.

So, do not follow these steps to clean a Traeger grill immediately after you have cooked on your grill.

Vacuum Out Your Traeger Grill

First, you are, to begin with, vacuuming out your grill. For this whole process, I would recommend that you put on gloves. You can make use of disposable gloves or probably go for reusable dish gloves.

Wash Your Traeger Grill Grates

  1. If your Traeger grill grates are very dirty, I recommend bringing them into the kitchen and washing them with warm soapy water.
  2. I would strongly suggest you go for a sponge with a nylon scrub instead of something that is quite harsh if your grill grates are porcelain ones.
  3. This is to help avoid damaging the porcelain coating. Using warm soapy water, the grill grates clean up very well, although they might appear to be very greasy and smeared.
  4. For cleaning your Traeger grill, I would recommend you make use of Dawn Soap as it is tested and trusted.

Remove the Drip Tray and Get Rid Of the Used Aluminum Foil

  1. You are to re-wrap it with heavy-duty aluminum foil. You can get the heavy-duty extra-large size from Costco.
  2. However, you also need to make sure that you always cover your drip tray with aluminum foil. You can make use of the regular type if you don’t have the heavy-duty type.
  3. When you are making use of the regular type, you can double up on the foil, although this is based on your preference.
  4. You also need to know that this is not actually required. All that is needed is for you to ensure that you cover it up. And this is a very important step that you cannot afford to skip.
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Take Out the Heat Baffle

  1. You can find the heat baffle directly under the drip tray. It is what covers the hot pot and also helps dissipate the flame.
  2. Immediately you take out the heat baffle from your Traeger grill, you will find the hot pot, which is likely to contain some fine dust with surrounding dust particles.
  3. You are going to bust out your garage vacuum or probably your shop vacuum. I would strongly suggest that you avoid using your regular household one.
  4. You are to make use of a shop vac. However, this is if you have one. Make sure you vacuum all around the inside base of the barrel.
  5. Also, the small little space you can find in the hot pot. You can also decide to vacuum up a few wood pellets, which are acceptable. When you turn your grill back on, more will fall.

Use Grease Bucket Liners

  1. Now, let’s deal with the grease bucket. Lining your bucket with aluminum foil is the other alternative to making use of a grease bucket liner.
  2. You should be aware that making use of aluminum foil to line your bucket is certainly not the easiest and cleanest way to do this.
  3. This is so because if there’s a tiny hole anywhere or probably a seam in your lining, there’s a great chance that the grease will leak through.
  4. And, this will allow it to get into your bucket. With that being said, I think it’s wiser to go for the grease bucket liners.
  5. They also make the disposal of grease extremely easy. All you need to do is close the four tabs and throw them away.

Put It All Back Together

  1. With all that being done, it is now time to re-insert them all back together. There’s an order for you to follow.
  2. These parts include the heat baffle, then the foil-covered drip tray, the grill grates, and lastly, your lined grease bucket.
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Final Thoughts on How to Clean a Traeger Grill

It is quite an easy task to learn how to clean a Traeger grill. All it has to do is wipe down the grill and its components after cooking.

You will need to get a handy paper towel or clean cloth for this. You will need to re-season your grill after every use, as this is quite crucial for the cast iron grate.

This is done to ensure that the cooking surface does not rust. The only solution is to get rid of the rust by scraping it off with a scraper and a cloth.

This is if the steel plate of the grill has rusted. Immediately, it has become a clean, bare steel surface.

You need to re-do the seasoning process to replace the non-stick quality of the griddle, and this will also help fend off future rusting.

The interesting thing about this is that it can be applied to all kinds of Traeger grills. I’m sure you now have a better understanding of how to clean a Traeger grill.

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