Best BBQ in South Carolina (South Carolina Famous BBQ Restaurants)

If you have been to South Carolina, you will know that there are lots of barbecue restaurants there which is why we will be looking at the famous and best BBQ in South Carolina.

This will help guide you when trying to choose the barbecue restaurants you are to visit or try out as they are all quite good at what they do here.

They have pulled pork, ribs, stew, and whatever you have an appetite for so, I will be listing the best of the bests BBQ in South Carolina and will also give a brief breakdown on a few of them.

Famous and Best BBQ in South Carolina

The South is even considered and regarded to have the best BBQ in the whole country which is also true, you will get to know when you try their barbecue.

Generally, they use ketchup or thin vinegar-based dressing for their BBQ in North Carolina which is quite distinguishable and mouth-watering.

But, they stick to the candied side in South Carolina and this is also a place where they quite love food so much.

You will find varieties of styles in the barbecue spots or restaurants in this state which include Memphis dry rubs, St. Louis ribs, and Texas traditional BBQ style.

This state is overflowing with delicious and appetizing barbecues. And, it will be quite a task to choose where to go to which is why I will be helping you narrow down your choices as I will also be giving you the best of the bests of all these barbecue restaurants.

Best Barbecue and Grill Restaurant in South Carolina

Below will be the list and breakdown of the most famous and best barbecue spots in South Carolina;


The first mention on my list is Scott’s Bar-B-Que where they offer and serve fast barbecue and they are known to take only cash in this place.

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They also have a lovely and captivating ambiance and their area of specialization is their wood-smoked whole pig.

They smoke it over local white oak and pecan trees which is very tempting and alluring when served on a plate and placed on your table.

They are here to help you quench your thirst for something mouth-watering and finger-licking which is also one of the reasons it’s topping the list of the famous and best BBQ in South Carolina.

You can get pit-roasted pork, chicken, and boiled peanuts here at Scott’s Bar-B-Que and their service options include just takeaway.


Contact Address: 2734 Hemingway Hwy #5420, Hemingway, SC 29554, United States

Phone Number: (843) 558-0134

Website Address:

Opening Hours: Wednesday: 9:20 am – 5 pm. Thursday – Saturday: 9:30 am – 7 pm. Sunday – Tuesday: Closed.


The next one we have here is the Lewis Barbecue which is a barbecue restaurant in South Carolina that is also considered and regarded as one of the best barbecue joints in South Carolina and also in the United States.

The premium dishes and tastes you get from Lewis Barbecue in South Carolina are the handwork of John Lewis.

One of his areas of specialization is the beefy ribs which are also one of the best at Lewis Barbecue so, I recommend you try it out when you visit them.

Their service options at Lewis Barbecue include dine-in. curbside pickup, but no delivery, and below will be their contact information.


Contact Address: 464 N Nassau Street, Charleston, SC 24903, United States

Phone Number: (843) 805-9500

Website Address:

Contact Email: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 11 am – 10 pm. Sunday & Monday: 11 am – 9 pm

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The Smokin’ Pig of Pendleton is located in the town of Pendleton where they offer and serve their customers delectable and juicy barbeques.

They are quite known for their long lines which people believe to worth it as they offer and serve mouth-watering and captivating dishes and meals that will make them become your favorite barbecue joint.

They have a plate of chicken, pork, and brisket on their menu and you can also get things in bulk here at The Smokin’ Pig of Pendleton. Their service options include dine-in and takeaway.


Contact Address: 6630 Clemson Blvd, Pendleton, SC 29670, United States

Phone Number: (864) 646-5150

Website Address:

Opening Hours: Thursday – Saturday: 11 am – 9 pm. Sunday – Wednesday: Closed


Heavenly Hogs BBQ is a barbecue food truck that is located on the side of Wells Highway so, you might probably miss it.

But, they quite offer and serve heavenly dishes here as they have exceptional flavors of pulled pork and ribs which they serve with options such as burgers and chicken strips.

They do all this just for the utmost satisfaction of their customers and they have special dishes such as low country boil and crab legs.

And, at the heavenly Hogs BBQ, their service options include dine-in, takeaway, and delivery and their contact information is below.


Contact Address: 1328 S Walnut Street, Seneca, SC 29678, United States

Phone Number: (864) 710-4394

Opening Hours: Thursday – Saturday: 11 am – 8 pm. Sunday – Wednesday: Closed


What distinguishes the Swig & Swine is their use of the finest hickory, oak, and other hardwoods to smoke to magnificence.

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At Swig & Swine, they offer their customers and consumers finger-licking and captivating flavors which appear to be in every bite.

You can get anything you thirst and crave at Swig & Swine which includes pulled pork, beef brisket, rib plates, and so on.

They also serve beer and bourbon at Swig & Swine and their service options include dine-in, takeaway, and delivery.


Contact Address: 1217 Savannah Hwy, Charleston, SC 29407, United States

Phone Number: (843) 225-3805

Opening Hours: Sunday – Saturday: 11 am – 9 pm

Final Thoughts on Famous and Best BBQ in South Carolina

Some other barbecue restaurants that you can also try out in South Carolina include McCabe’s Bar-B-Q, Hite’s Bar-B-Que, Rodney Scott’s BBQ, Big T’s Bar-B-Que, Home Team BBQ, Pop Pop’s Pit BBQ, Bullies BBQ, Sweatman’s Barbecue, Old South BBQ, Bessigner’s Barbecue, Melvin’s BBQ, Poogan’s Smokehouse, Midway BBQ, Henry’s Smokehouse, and Dukes Barbecue of Beaufort.

There’s still a good number of great barbecue restaurants in South Carolina that you can try out as they are in great numbers some include the Bluffton BBQ, Music Man’s Bar-B-Que, Big B’s BBQ Trough, Moore’s Bar-B-Que, Smoky Oak Taproom, Southern Beely BBQ, and Brisket.

So, above are a few mentions and brief breakdowns of the famous and best BBQ in South Carolina which I highly recommend you visit at least twice during your stay in South Carolina.

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