BBQ around the World

Every human is different same with culture and lifestyle so, it is just a fact that the way Barbecue will be prepared and eaten around the world will be so different. Let’s take a look at BBQ around the world.

BBQ around the World

Therefore, all I will be discussing in this guide is BBQ around the world but, I sure won’t go around saying everything I know about it. All this guide will contain will just be some of the best BBQs around the world.

But, before we go more into the important details about BBQ all over the world, it will be pleasing to let you also know a few important quick facts.

Barbecue is considered which is true to be one of the oldest cooking methods in the world we are today.

And, grilling, cooking in an Earth oven, and roasting are the common ways of preparing Barbecue.

Americans love to barbecue so much that just by having cool weather sufficient for chilling outside and lighting a fire, they go looking for barbecue.

And, you should also know that barbecue is not only loved by Americans but, by other people in different parts of the world.

People also have various styles of doing all this as some prepared their barbecue in the free air outside while some prepared theirs in the restaurant.

Bottom line, we will be briefly listing the best barbecue cultures around the world and most importantly, we will also be briefly looking at the best countries in the world for BBQ.

Best Countries in the World for BBQ


Although the rivalry for the best country in the world for BBQ is quite difficult, Argentina still tops the list.

Barbecue is even the national platter of this country and it is also embedded in their cultures and traditions.

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United States

The second on the list is for sure the United States making only just one country in the world that can barbecue more perfect than the U.S.

The interesting fact here is that barbecue is all over this country and the type of barbecue you get here solely depends on which part of the country you visit.


Brazil also made the list of one of the best countries in the world for BBQ. The beef they have here is quite soft, juicy, and delectable.

This is something you eat and have a good long memory of it as it is quite one of the best of the bests.

South Korea

Having a South Korean dish is a very different amazing experience and not to now talk about their BBQ.

There are restaurants that major in some dishes in this country but, the different and amazing thing about this country is that you get to grill your meat yourself.

This is something that is done by all Koreans and their meat always comes with banchan or some kind of side fares such as kimchi, salad, steamed vegetables, tangy radish salad, and many more.

To find a restaurant that serves Korean pork belly which is also one of the best BBQ fares in the country is very easy as it is in every corner of the country.

Best Barbecue Cultures around the World

Below will be a brief listing of some of the best barbecue cultures around the world;

  • Korean Barbecue
  • Chilean Asado
  • Argentine Asado
  • Japanese Yakitori
  • South African Braai
  • Brazilian Churrasco
  • Filipino Lechón
  • Australian Barbecue
  • German Barbecue

Conclusion on BBQ around the World

Barbecue can be made and prepared by anyone in any part of this country as all you need is just some wood or charcoal, meat, and a metal pan.

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Barbecue is also one of the greatest pleasures a person can enjoy in life. It has been here since the beginning of time, all around the world.

It was just made perfect as a form of art by the people of the modern world, making it finger-licking, delicious, and appetizing.

There are so many things to be said about BBQ but, in this guide, you have some brief important details about BBQ around the world.

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