How to Remove Rust from Grill Grates and BBQ Grill

You will be learning how to remove rust from grill grates and BBQ grill in this guide, given the fact that there’s nothing more devastating than opening the lid of your grill come springtime only to find a forest of red rust staring back at you.

Having rust in your grill grates is not hygienic, nor is it tantalizing, and it is also not good for your grill grate.

How to Remove Rust from Grill Grates and BBQ Grill

However, fortunately, getting rid of the rust is rather easy, and with just a few household items, it can be done.

So, read through to learn how to remove rust from grill grates and BBQ grills. Now, let’s get right into it.

Grill Grate Maintenance

Your BBQ grill requires regular and immediate cleaning after use for it to keep looking good.

This might actually seem like a stressful task, but as soon as you are done barbecuing, just clean the grates using a simple water and dish soap solution.

Keep in mind that the longer burnt food grime remains on the grates, the harder they will be to clean.

So, that is to say, in the long run, it is worth it to give the grates a quick rinse after each use.

How to Clean Rusty Grill Grates

There are a number of reasons for your grill grates to become rusty; you could have left your barbecue out in the rain all winter, and it’s time for you to learn how to clean the grates.

The technique you use will depend on the material they are made of. Barbecue grill grates are normally made of stainless steel or another type of metal.

A lot of people clean their grill after every use with a stiff wire brush. When it comes to getting rid of the rust on most grates, this can be efficient.

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However, remember that this could harm the finish of a stainless steel grill. You will find a few methods to clean rust from grill grates below.

Materials for Cleaning Rusty Grates

You will need the following to get started:

  • Salt
  • Sandpaper
  • Garbage bag
  • Spoon for stirring
  • Old rags or cloth
  • White vinegar
  • Vegetable oil
  • Baking soda
  • Wire brush
  • Commercial rust remover
  • Vegetable Oil Cleaning Method

You need to season your grill grates like an iron skillet. The less meat will stick, the more you cook on it, and this is because the fat in the meat lubricates the grate. So, the fat also prevents rust from forming.

So, all you need to do is coat the grate with vegetable oil after every use, as this will help lubricate and season the grate.

I strongly suggest that you stay away from an aerosol can of vegetable oil due to the fact that aerosol cans explode near flames.

Commercial Rust Remover

You will find several commercial rust removers available. In general, they work well but might have harmful chemicals that you might not want near your food.

  • First, get a commercial rust remover specifically made for cleaning rusty grill grates. You will find it in the barbecue section of your home repair warehouse store.
  • After that, all you need to do is follow the instructions on the container carefully.

Vinegar and Salt Method

It is very important to learn how to clean rusty grill grates with a non-toxic substance, given the fact that you will be cooking on them.

Vinegar and salt are both edible substances; however, they will also help remove rust. Just follow the instructions below to get rid of the rust.

  • First, get a bowl and mix two cups of vinegar and one cup of salt in it. After that, get a large, heavy-duty garbage sack and place your rusty grates in it.
  • Get the bowl with the vinegar and salt, pour them into the bag, and then tie it shut.
  • That being done, lay the bag flat on the ground and allow the grill to soak overnight.
  • Now, wipe the rust off with an old rag after soaking. The salt is there to serve as a mild abrasive to scrape off the rust.
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Baking Soda

Using good baking soda is another simple method to remove rust from grates.

  • First, get a soft brush, then proceed to brush your grill grates with it, as this will help remove as much rust as you can.
  • After that, place your grate on your barbecue and spray it generously with baking soda.
  • Then, you can turn your barbecue on and watch the baking soda begin to bubble and get rid of the rust.
  • That being done, turn off the grill and allow it to cool down. Then get a soft brush and brush the racks again with it.

Grill Maintenance and Prevention

As previously mentioned, cleaning your barbecue grill grates immediately after every use is required to keep them in good shape.

Remember that the longer you allow the burnt-on food to remain on the grill grates, the harder it will be to clean.

Below are a few other tips for keeping your grill grates in their best shape:

  • I strongly suggest you clean the grates after every use. I strongly suggest you do that while it’s still warm.
  • Check your grill grates mostly in the winter to check for rust.
  • Make sure you cover your barbecue with a properly fitting cover that is water-resistant, as this will help prevent rust from forming on your grill grates.
  • Just coat the grill grates with vegetable oil after cleaning your grates. The vegetable oil helps repel water and keep the parts from rusting.
  • To prevent any moisture from getting on them, ensure that you dry your grates completely after cleaning them.
  • Lastly, to prevent more rust from forming and damaging the metal, simply get rid of any small amounts of rust frequently.

How to Keep Your BBQ Grill Grates Rust-Free

You will definitely want to prevent rust from forming immediately after you’ve put the time and effort into removing rust from your grill grates.

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I consider cleaning the grates after use and wiping them down with a little vegetable oil before putting them away to be the easiest way to keep your BBQ grill grates rust-free.

Doing this will help prevent rust from forming between uses. There is actually a great likelihood that the rest of your grill is also in need of a good cleaning if your grill grates are rusty.

Final Thoughts on Removing Rusts from Grill Grates and BBQ Grill

If you allow it, rust can practically eat your grill out from under you.

But, with a little hard work and some readily available household materials, you can always save your grill.

Just keep in mind that immediately after the rust is gone, you will need to take steps to ensure that it doesn’t come back.

Now, with all that being said, this is the end of this guide on how to remove rust from grill grates and BBQ grills.

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