New York Strip vs Ribeye

You want to know something a little bit difficult, getting the right steak is something that can be a little difficult and this is mostly caused by the fact that the same steak can happen to have so many different names and, in this guide, we will be looking at New York Strip vs Ribeye.

New York Strip vs Ribeye

New York Strip vs Ribeye is the main topic of this guide and we will be comparing the two together same as talking about their differences.

An interesting fact that you might not even like is that it is even more difficult in knowing how to buy the right steak when it comes to expensive steaks like the New York Steak or Ribeye.

So, fortunately, I will be helping you with that in this guide, giving you a good number of important details about these two quite expensive steaks.

Just by merely looking at the New York Strip and the Ribeye, there is no doubt that they look alike so, as said, I will be giving you some of the major differences between these two premium steaks and that will be in this guide.

What Is a New York Strip?

Before we go more into some important details, it will be right to talk about what these premium steaks are and we will be starting with the New York Strip.

NY Strip Steak which is the abbreviated version of the New York Strip Steak is a slice of steak that has its origin to be from the longissimus dorsi part of a cow.

And, going into more details, the NY strip steak is gotten from the short side of a cattle and this is a place that can be found behind the rib segment and in front of the thigh segment where you can find the tenderloin and sirloin muscles.

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The NY strip steak is crispy and when cooked it brings out a beefy flavor you can also be called a NY strip steak, a Kansas City steak but, that is when it’s with a bone.

And, it is called a porterhouse steak or a t-bone steak when it has both a bone and tenderloin with it and normally a New York Strip steak can also be referred to some other names which include shell steak, a top loin, a strip loin steak, boneless club steak, a veiny steak, a sirloin, an ambassador steak, an Omaha strip, or a hotel-style steak.

What Is a Ribeye Steak?

Now, let’s come to what a Ribeye Steak is. It is a steak that is a slice from beef ribs and this slice of beef also comprises a good number of different muscles.

These slices of beef are quite expensive slices of beef but, they also have rich dappling. In comparison, the Ribeyes are quite very alike to the prime rib.

And, you should not be confused because based on different areas, Ribeye can be referred to as different things.

A cowboy cut steak, a beauty steak, a market steak, or a Delmonico steak is what a Ribeye with a bone is called at most steakhouses.

And, while a Scotch fillet or a Spencer steak is what a traditional Ribeye with no bones is often referred to as.

New York Strip vs Ribeye


The fat distribution is the largest visible difference between a New York Strip and a Ribeye and this is explained further, the New York Strip can be differentiated by its stocky rim of fat and while the Ribeye is dappled all through the meat.

The stocky rim of fat of the New York Strip only serves the purpose of adding a rich flavor to the remaining steak because it normally goes uneaten.

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Ribeye is made a little bit richer, soft and juicy compared to the New York Strip with the help of the fat dapping in it.

In opposition to the Ribeye, the New York Strip is more of a chewing as its signature but, you should also know that if you thoroughly cook your Strip, it will surely reduce its toughness due to its internal dappling although it is not so much.

So, it will be right to say that these two steaks have quite different compositions and you should also know that their cooking process will also be different.

But, in this guide, I will be giving you the method I feel to be the best to prepare and cook each of them:

New York Strip

Preparing and cooking a New York Strip will surely help keep it soft and juicy and you can use either a grill or a pan-fried for this steak.

And, you are to roll this meat over every 30 seconds either you use a grill or a pan-fried as this is to make the cooking equal and to also have a delightful char. And you should also make sure to make use of hot heat.


As you know that there is quite much content of fat in a Ribeye and this will surely lead to blazing flare-ups because of this, I will advise you to go for the two-zone grilling method.

This method will allow you to burn the steak on high and round up on medium and there is also another method you can go for which is commonly known as the “reverse sear method”.

This method will allow you to cook the steak first in an oven, afterward, you will then burn it to round it up.

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Where To Purchase New York Strip and Ribeye

New York Strip

You can purchase New York Strip steaks from premium or exclusive retailers as they have so much of it to offer.

And, stores in your community or region should have them so, I recommend you check them out, you can also check out online stores that can get them to deliver to you, or you can go get them yourself.


You can purchase Ribeye steaks from butcher shops or even supermarkets as they are easily obtainable in these places.

And, you should also check out premium or exclusive meat retailers online if you are in search or want the first-rate or finest quality Ribeye available.

Final Thoughts on New York Strip vs Ribeye

I’m quite sure that the initial or even the final question on your mind is which of these two steaks is the right steak for you.

Well, in this guide, I’ve assisted you well in that decision so, you should be able to choose a little bit easier although it’s normally quite a decision to make.

The guide has given you the chance to be able to differentiate between the New York Strip and the Ribeye.

There are sure pros and cons to the two steaks but, you won’t go wrong choosing either of the two steaks.

This is because the two steaks are both first-rate or top-notch quality steaks that has rich flavors and will quench your thirst for meat and the thirst of any other meat lover.

So, this will surely be my wrap-up on this guide which is based on the topic “New York Strip vs Ribeye”.

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