Best BBQ in Memphis, Tennessee (Famous BBQ and Grill Restaurants)

You are in the right place if you are in search of the famous and best BBQ in Memphis Tennessee.

The truth is that it will be impossible for Memphis not to be included when people are listing the best and most famous places to find mouth-watering, appetizing BBQ.

Memphis Tennessee is regarded as one of the gourmet capitals in the United States.

Famous and Best BBQ in Memphis, Tennessee

And also as a personal recommendation, it is an area you should definitely try out BBQ which is also legit as many other people considered it to be one of the best and most famous spots to find and eat luscious BBQ.

This area is quite popular mostly amongst culinarians and real BBQ lovers, as they confirm the truth, this city is very good for what it’s known for, cooking.

There’s a way BBQ is being prepared in Memphis which also makes it quite special and peculiar that it attracts tourists and visitors to its various BBQ spots.

There are numerous chicken, staples, sausage, and beef in BBQ restaurants in Memphis. But what you will truly find the most in their menus are big rib racks and pulled pork.

It is also even made quite interesting in Memphis as BBQ restaurants in this location gather together and battle in a competition commonly known as the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest.

This competition always comes up during their May festival. So, it is quite clear what this guide will be about.

This guide will be detailed with locations of where you can find the best BBQ and there will also be some brief breakdowns about these locations and spots for appetizing BBQ.

Best Memphis Barbecue and Grill Foods


Memphis is known for a number of names like being commonly referred to as the Home of the Blues, and the Birthplace of Rock and Roll.

But, amongst all these names, it is majorly and commonly referred to and known as the Barbecued Pork Capital of the World.

Memphis is definitely among one of the best areas where America’s best barbecue is being prepared and lots of people accept and support this fact especially true barbecue lovers and even local connoisseurs.

And, Memphis is not only one of the places where America’s best barbecue is being prepared but, also regarded as one of America’s most famous styles close at hand with Kansas City, Texas, and Carolina-style food.

As mentioned above, Memphis’ style is special and peculiar and there are definitely some reasons why it is considered to be special and peculiar.

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These reasons include its preference and fondness for pork products such as ribs, shoulders, tip, gamut, and the slow cooking of the meat in a pit.

Slow cooking of the meat in a pit is another word for “pit barbecue”. We will be giving the best and most famous BBQ spots in this city where it is quite difficult as it’s a hard task to figure out the best of them as they are all generally good.

Top 10 Best BBQ in Memphis Tennessee

We will be mentioning the top 10 best BBQ in Memphis Tennessee and there will be some brief breakdowns about these BBQ spots.

So, below will be the list of the top 10 best BBQ, Grill and Smoked meat in Memphis Tennessee;

  • Charlie Vergos Rendezvous
  • Central BBQ
  • Corky’s BBQ
  • Payne’s Bar-B-Que
  • Cozy Corner
  • A & R Bar-B-Que
  • Commissary BBQ
  • Jim Neely’s Interstate Bar-B-Q
  • Leonard’s Pit Barbecue
  • The Bar-B-Q Shop Memphis

Some of the Best BBQ and Grill Spots in Memphis Tennessee

The Bar-B-Q Shop Memphis

The Bar-B-Q shop Memphis tops the list of the restaurants present in Memphis Tennessee as the number 10.

The brand name of this restaurant “Bar-B-Q shop” is also quite catching and lots of people will surely be willing and ready to try it out.

And, as part of the reason or even the major reason why the Bar-B-Q shop is being recommended and considered to be the number 10 of the best BBQ in Memphis Tennessee is that they live up to their name.

In the “Top Five Restaurants”, they are also considered to be the number one area for ribs in America, you are sure in for a great delicacy when you decide to visit this spot.

And, for the location of this great spot, it is in the heart of Midtown which is also popularly recognized for its pit barbecue being made in the traditional way.

Bottom line, you will find that the “Bar B-Q shop” is quite an outstanding spot and it is highly recommended. And, by the way, they are quite known for their special and peculiar sauce.


Contact Address: 1782 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104, United States

Phone Number: (901) 272-1277


Leonard’s Pit Barbecue

The Leonard’s Pit Barbecue is number 9 of the best BBQ in Memphis Tennessee is a great spot to get to eat luscious, delectable, and tender BBQ food.

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And, it is a place highly recommended that you try out anytime you are ever in Memphis Tennessee as it has also been quite popular right from its establishment around the year 1922.

The Leonard’s Pit Barbecue has got lots of appetizing meals right from its BBQ sandwiches to the menus they have for children.

They have something they called the three-sauce option which is the BBQ sauce, dry spice, and hot sauce and these will help bring the right taste to your meal.

There are lots of meals like the BBQ pork, sauce, and slaw that you can get at reasonable or economical prices at the Leonard’s Pit Barbecue.

The Leonard’s Pit Barbecue is also highly recommended as the managers and members of staff are quite congenial and cordial.


Contact Address: 5465 Fox Plaza Drive Memphis, TN 38115

Phone Number: (901) 360-1963

Email Address: [email protected]

Website Address:

Central BBQ

The Central BBQ has been recognized as one of the famous and best locations for BBQ in Memphis and this has been happening since around 2002.

And, they have a saying “Smoke Is Our Sauce”. The preparation and process of making their BBQ require lots of patience and hard work.

And these lots of patience and hard work always yield the result of the most chewable, mouth-watering meat. And, this meat can either be eaten with sauce or without it.

They are also known for their act of making their customers get real messy, relax, and above all, relish their time with them. And the services they offers include menus, deliveries, dine-in, catering, and events.


Contact Address: 147 E Butler Ave, Memphis, TN 38103

Phone Number: (901) 672-7760


Charlie Vergos Rendezvous

Charlie Vergos Rendezvous is regarded as the top best BBQ in Memphis Tennessee. It’s a whole different unique experience to get to eat BBQ in this restaurant.

Charlie Vergos, the owner of this restaurant founded this joint in the year 1948. The locals in Memphis commonly refer to Charlie Vergos Rendezvous as Vous.

They have a great number of visitors daily. It is a restaurant and also a catering menu where you will find lots of desirable meals.

They also provide outstanding customers services as they have first-grade members of staff who provide these services.

Most being said, the Charlie Vergos Rendezvous you should visit and I’m sure it’s a restaurant you will wish you’d visited much earlier.


Contact Address: 52 S. Second Street, Memphis, TN 38103, United States

Phone Number: (901) 523-2746


Cozy Corner Restaurant

The Cozy Corner restaurant including the few restaurants that have been mentioned in this guide will surely deliver the best BBQ in Memphis.

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And, you will also get them in the Memphis-style. Their customers and consumers are of all-around the world.

Cozy Corner restaurant provides ribs that are filled with high wood-smoke savor and their meat is deliciously tender and dense.

Cozy Corner Restaurant offers its customers and consumers original and genuine Memphis adventure through its meals. The services they offer include dine-in and takeaway.


Contact Address: 735 North Parkway, Memphis, TN 38105, United States

Phone Number: (901) 527-9158

Website Address:

A&R Bar-B-Que

The A&R Bar-B-Que restaurant is focused and well-known for their chopped-pork sandwich which is pleasantly delicious and juicy.

The meat is quite succulent and it does have a pleasant flavor. And, you will surely not forget your pleasant experience in this restaurant.

This restaurant also has customers, consumers, and tourists that are celebrities as they provide a traditional barbecue experience and are located at the heart of the city.

They provide various menus such as sandwiches, burgers, sides, extras, meals for little children, and also desserts.

The managers and members of staff at the A&R Bar-B-Que are quite amiable and you will be quite attracted if not addicted to their pork ribs.


Contact Address: 1802 Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN 38106, United States

Phone Number: (901) 774-7444

Website Address:

Famous and Best BBQ in Memphis, Tennessee

Conclusion on Famous and Best BBQ in Memphis Tennessee

There are still some BBQ spots in Memphis Tennessee that have quite the reputation for serving delicious BBQ.

And, not all the top 10 famous and best BBQ spots in Memphis Tennessee was given a breakdown in this guide, in the likes of Corky’s BBQ, Payne’s Bar-B-Que, Commissary BBQ, and the Jim Neely’s Interstate Bar-B-Q.

But, it is sure that they also offer the Memphis experience the same as the other BBQ spots although each of these restaurants have what distinguishes them from the other, the reason why some are agreed to be the number one and some other coming after.

So, above are the top 10 famous and best BBQs in Memphis Tennessee, and a brief breakdown about them which includes their contact information (contact address, phone number, and website address).

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