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Beer Can Smoked Chicken

Beer Can Smoked Chicken Recipe

Let’s talk about this simple Beer Can Smoked Chicken recipe that is so delicious with a homemade rub. Soft, luscious whole chicken on the smoker, perfectly relished. The entire chicken is made so luscious by the light steam from the…

Traeger Smoked Turkey Recipe

Traeger Smoked Turkey Recipe

Let’s talk about smoked turkey recipes. With this Traeger Smoked Turkey recipe, you can give your turkey the smoke it deserves. This turkey can be brined in citrus brine, massaged with Turkey Rub, and then moved to be smoked over…

smoked turkey brine recipe

Smoked Turkey Brine Recipe

Using this smoked turkey brine recipe is guaranteed to result in a succulent, tasty turkey. A good brine will guarantee your turkey stays moist, with the added bonus of sophisticated flavors. Brining your turkey is what takes it to the…